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Slik F153 Tripod with Case

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Manufacturer Code: IN3426
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Description: Slik F153 tripod with case

Slik F153 tripod is a smart and reliable tripod presented by slik for those professionals who need a tripod that meet their needs. The Slik F153 tripod comes with a case for facilitating the user to take it anywhere reliably and easily.

The tripod features a 3-way panhead that has the ability to turn around three dimensionally. The head has a single panhandle for controlling the overall movement of the head. The head also has a quick release for fast mounting the camera on the head.

The centre column has a smooth geared elevator with a handle. In addition, the centre column is connected with the legs through brace arms that make the tripod more stable. The Slik F153 tripod has a built-in spirit level. The spirit level enables you to take aligned images when operating the camera in portrait or landscape mode.

The 3-section legs of Slik F153 tripod are extendable to reach to a maximum height of 131.5 cm. The closing length of the tripod is 52 cm making it perfect for travelling countrywide. The tripod legs are sturdy enough to hold a maximum load of 1.51 kg where as it weighs only 0.99 kg.

Features - Slik F153 tripod with Case

3-way Panhead with Quick Release
Geared centre column - Slik F153 tripod with Case
Braced Legs
Spirit level - Slik F153 tripod with Case
Single panhandle
Lightweight and compact - Slik F153 tripod with Case

Specifications - Slik F153 tripod with Case

Max height 131.5/cm
Closed length - Slik F153 tripod with Case 52cm
Max load 1.51kg
Weight - Slik F153 tripod with Case 991g/3lbs 5oz
Leg sections 3
Quick release  - Slik F153 tripod with Case Yes

Kit Content
Slik F153 tripod
Slik 3-way Pan head
Slik Quick Release
Slik Carrying Case
Slik Instruction Manual

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