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Tamron VC 28-300 F3.5-6.3 (28-300mm) XR Di LD AF Canon-Fit Macro Lens

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Manufacturer Code: AF020C700A
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Tamron VC 28-300 F3.5-6.3 AF (28-300mm) DI LD XR Canon-Fit Lens


Tamron announced the introduction of new Tamron VC 28-300mm lens with Vibration Compensation ability. This lens is the new revised version of old Tamron 28-300 Canon Camera Fit lens . It is designed exclusively for Canon digital cameras. The Tamron VC 28-300 is an excellent lens to have because it has wide range zooming quality. Tamron introduced the new Vibration Compensation-(VC) mechanism in Tamron VC 28-300 F3.5-6.3 AF lens. This Vibration Compensation (VC) mechanism allows TamronVC 28-300mm lenses deliver sharply focused photographs in situations where camera vibration mostly occurs. It is made up of three* coil system. Three steel balls originate signals which helps the three driving coils to move the VC lens electromagnetically. This special type of Tamron lenses falls in Di-(Digitally Integrated) category. These Di lenses are designed especially for exclusive use with digital cameras.

Tamron VC 28-300 (28-300mm) LD lens is equipped with Aspherical lenses which eliminates the distortion. It also features XR-Extra Refractive Index glass optics which provides high resolution and colour saturation.

Main Features

1. Vibration Compensation (VC) Image Stabilization Mechanism

The Vibration Compensation mechanism developed by Tamron Corporation, contains three driving coils connected with three slide balls in optical system of Tamron VC 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 AF Di lens. The lenses of the compensator are fully supported by rolling friction caused by the slide balls. This increases the performance of Tamron 28-300 immensely. For detection of hand shake, the gyro sensor is installed. This accurate gyro sensor is very useful to reduce the vibration effects. Due to this VC mechanism, Tamron VC AF 28-300mm lens produce clear and sharp images.

2. Compact and Best Zoom Power

Tamron AF 28-300 VC lens is compact and light weight. Thus, easy to carry and take away with camera anywhere. The optical system of Tamron 28-300mm VC lens is made up of different special glass optics. Its optical system contains XR-High Refractive Index glass elements (well known for producing high resolution pictures), Glass Molded Aspherical lens-GM elements (eliminates the distortion and vignetting), Hybrid Aspherical elements, Low Dispersion-LD glass elements (Compensates chromatic aberrations which usually cause in digital SLR Cameras) and Anomalous Dispersion-AD lens elements. Due to high technology optical system, Tamron VC 28-300 lens gives high resolution, bright and sharp results.

3. Macro Photography

Tamron VC AF 28-300 LD Di is best suitable lens for macro photography. It features Close focusing Distance of 0.48 metres over whole zoom range. It also provides magnification ratio of 1:3 at telephoto (300mm) end. Tamron 28-300 gives great opportunity to photographers to do macro photography of small subjects such as insects and flowers.

4. Surface Coatings on Glass Surfaces

The optics of Tamron VC 28-300mm LD Di lens are coated with multi-layer coatings. These multiple layer coatings on the glass surfaces reduces the reflection of light inside lens. Hence, the yielding pictures remains bright and true to life.

5. Zoom Locking Mechanism

Tamron 28-300 VC lens is equipped with zoom locking system. This IF (Zoom Locking) prevents the barrel of the lens from unwanted extension.

6. Lens Hood-Flower Shapped

The accessories of Tamron VC 28-300 AF Di lens includes flower-shaped lens hood.

Specification -Tamron VC 28-300mm AF XR 28-300 IF Macro lens for Canon

Focal Length

28 mm - 300 mm
Maximum Aperture - Tamron VC 28-300mm lens f3.5-6.3
Angle-of-View 7-8
Brand Tamron
For Canon
Vibration Compensation Lens Yes
Optical Construction - 18/13 elements / groups
LD Lens Yes
DI Lens Yes
Picture Angle (degrees) 7523 - 815
Minimum Aperture F/22-F/40
Macro Lens Yes
Diaphragm Blades - Tamron VC 28-300mm lens 9 Blades
Minimum Object Distance 0.49 m (entire zoom range)
IF Lens Yes
Aspherical Lens Yes
Filter Size 67 mm
Maximum Diameter 78 mm
Length 99 mm
Weight - Tamron 28-300 vc lens 550 g
Lens Fit

Canon AF

Hood - Tamron 28-300mm vc lens Flower Shaped Hood
Min.Focal Length 28mm
Max.Focal Length 300mm

Lens Hood - Tamron 28-300 VC Lens (Canon)
User Guide
Lens Case
Lens Cap Rear & Front

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